Best Kodi Remotes

Kodi is a free and open source media streaming software that makes everything easy to create your own media center on any devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. There are so many high-quality remote controls that can be used with Kodi. These remote controls allow you to control your device in exactly the same way as you would your TV or cable box.

Kodi has become very popular, the market has seen very low-quality remote controls. Analysing each of these remote controls individually takes a lot of time and finally we can select the best five Kodi remote controls and also highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of each remote controls.

Now let us see the list of best Kodi Remotes.

  1. Rii MX3 Pro
  2. Inteset INT-422
  3. Sanoxy PC-RC
  4. Century Accessory BT Remote
  5. Ortek VRC-1100

Rii MX3 Pro

The Rii MX3 Pro looks like a regular TV remote but it hides a full Qwerty keyboard. It gives the MX3 the ability to control all aspects of Kodi from navigation to the text entry.

It can be used to operate any TV using infrared signals, but most Kodi devices don’t have the right receiver for this. It is not a major problem, because the MX3 also comes with a 2.4GHz dongle that can be plugged into any device with a USB port including Raspberry Pi, Roku, and traditional desktop PCs.

The Rii MX3 Pro also having the air mouse functionality. It allows the user to control the on-screen cursor by physically moving the remote around. There’s even a button that allows you to left-click, although there’s no right-click option available.


  • It is very affordable.
  • It has an excellent functionality.
  • It also supports a good range of devices.


  • There is no Bluetooth support in this remote control.
  • It relies on AAA batteries.

Inteset INT-422

The Inteset INT-422 is a very famous and popular remote control. It can be paired with most of the devices and comes pre-configured to work with Apple TV, Xbox One, and Roku straight out of the box. It should be noted that this device does not come with an IR receiver.


  • It is having a customizable macro keys.
  • The Backlit is present in this remote.
  • It has a wide range of supported devices.


  • It has no IR receiver.
  • It relies on AA batteries.

Sanoxy PC-RC

The Sanoxy PC-RC is a simple and small remote control for people those who want the basic navigation functionality for their Kodi device. It comes with a standard media playback buttons, arrow keys, and even a mouse button that works in a similar way to a joystick.


  • It has  a clean and simple interface.
  • It has a mouse functionality.
  • It works on many compatible devices.


  • It needs some configuration for Kodi.
  • It has a less functionality than similarly priced remotes.

Century Accessory BT Remote

Instead of using the bluetooth, we can use the Century Accessory BT Remote, allowing it to connect to devices without USB ports such as phones, tablets, and the Amazon Firestick.


  • It is easily pairing with other devices.
  • It has a Bluetooth functionality
  • It is having a good battery life


  • It is a fairly expensive for what it is.

Ortek VRC-1100

The Ortek VRC-1100 is having all of the media control buttons that you had not expect it to but also having a record button. This is a feature missing from the most infrared remotes, so it’s sure to be invaluable to the people with Kodi-based DVR systems.


  • It can do everything except text entry.
  • It has a dedicated record button.
  • It is affordable.


  • An IR receiver doesn’t match remote itself.


There are so many remote controls are available for Kodi. But some of them are not working properly. Here in this article, we provides the best working Kodi remotes. If you have any queries regarding this articles, Kindly do let us know via the below comments box.

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