Best Media Streaming Gadgets

There are so many ways are available to watch online content on your TV. Your TV itself could have apps, or you could have a Blu-ray player or game system that are connected with the built-in streaming services. Most of the media streamers allows you to set up your TV with any online or local media streaming services that you need for well.

Among the currently available media streamers, the five best platforms are Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Cast, and Roku. Except Google Cast, all of these platforms are always having an on-screen menu systems and dedicated remotes so that you have to view whatever you want from the couch without a mobile device to control everything.  Resolution is an another main factor to consider. All of the platforms mentioned above are having an options for ultra high-definition (4K) and HDR content.

Now let us see the best media streaming gadgets.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV platform is a great built around Fire OS, a recent version of Android designed with Amazon’s content in mind. The Fire TV devices are mainly focused on Amazon Prime media, with Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime Music built prominently into the menu system. There are plenty of other content services are  available through the Fire TV as an individual apps such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube.

Google Cast

Google Cast is physically a most complicated media streaming platform. You can take a Chrome cast or Chrome cast Audio, plug it into a power source, plug it into your TV or sound system, and control everything through your mobile device itself. There are no remotes, no on-screen interfaces, and no app stores to separately available for Navigation. You just connect your Chrome cast to your home network and stream whatever you’re watching on your smartphone or tablet.


Roku calls the services and apps available on its devices channels and currently offers thousands of choices in the Roku Channel Store. The Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Sling TV are some of the main streaming media names and Twitch along with many smaller, niche apps and services for movies, sports, weather, news, and international content.

Android TV

The Android TV is a Google’s dedicated Android-based media streamer menu system, different from the heavily modified version of Android used in the Amazon’s Fire TV products. On paper, it offers a more powerful and feature-rich interface than the Apple TV or Roku.

Apple TV

Apple has been very slow to update its Apple TV media streamer, but it’s finally comes up with the Apple TV 4K. The latest Apple TV supports 4K video with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and features the Apple TV app store which the company only added to the device two years ago.


Here in this article, we provide the top best media streaming gadgets which have been working very well and each one having its unique feature. If you have any queries regarding this article, Kindly do let us know via the below comments box.

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